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Stormwater Street Sweeping flyer

The Department of Public Works Street Sweeping Contractor will be cleaning the streets of the City of Palm Bay. 

Please remove your cars, basketball hoops and any other items obstructing the side of the roads. This is necessary so that the contractor can work efficiently and clean from curb to curb; preventing debris from clogging the Stormwater system and keeping the Indian River clean. 

For Questions or concerns, please contact Public Works, Customer Service at 321-952-3437

Public Works Stormwater Program




The City of Palm Bay is committed to protecting the community and its waterways through sound planning, construction, maintenance, and improvement of drainage and flood control systems. A Stormwater Utility makes this goal a reality, as well as allows the City to meet state and federally-mandated regulations for discharging stormwater.

What is a Stormwater Utility?

A Stormwater Utility is a special entity set up to provide funding that is used specifically for stormwater management. It is a dedicated service unit within the City government which provides revenues through fees for service (or user fees).

With a Stormwater Utility, users of the stormwater system pay for stormwater management in direct relation to the demand placed on the stormwater system by their parcel of land, not the taxable value of the parcel. The stormwater that flows off your property places a demand on a vast system of infrastructure which is costly for the City to operate and maintain. Stormwater must be channeled through a system of pipes, ditches, canals, ponds and other devices before it can be safely discharged into local rivers, lakes, and streams. User fees provided by the utility are placed into an enterprise fund, similar to a water or sewer utility, and are dedicated for use in the various aspects of stormwater management.


On August 17, 2010, the City Council adopted Ordinance 2010-33 implementing the Stormwater Utility establishing the rate per equivalent residential unit (ERU) by Resolution 2010-36. The Stormwater Utility Fee went into effect on October 1, 2010. Additionally on December 1, 2011 City Council enacted Ordinance 2011-62 amending Ordinance 2010-33. There are several credits available to home and business owners which are referenced in the Ordinance.

Due to aged and failing infrastructure and the importance of a healthy stormwater system (i.e. impact on safe school routes, emergency response times, emergency evacuation routes, water quality of the Indian River Lagoon, and daily traffic conditions), an audit of the Stormwater Program was performed by outside consultants, Government Services Group, to aid the City in determining the specific requirements the Program needs to address and the methodology driving the rate and collections of the service.

On May 18, 2017 the City Council adopted Resolution No 2017-19 changing the method for collecting Stormwater Utility Fees to a Stormwater Assessment Fee included on the tax bill. This change is estimated to increase the account collection rate by 22% as it creates a more significant accountability for vacant land owners. On July 6, 2017 the City Council established a maximum rate of 14.76 per  ERU by  Resolution No 2017-28, an increase from the previous ERU which will support the necessary infrastructure, maintenance and equipment needs to restore the health of the stormwater system.  




GSG Presentation to Council May 18, 2017
Interactive Project Map
Presentation to Council July 20, 2018 The videos referenced in this presentation are available above - "Canal Restoration - Cabot Dr Flyover" and "Your Stormwater Dollars at Work - Project Update"

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