Nonpoint Source Management

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Discharge of water to a waterbody is identified be either a point source or a non-point source.

Point source discharges are easily identified and include wastewater plant discharges, etc.  These point source discharges are regulated by the Environmental protection Agency and Florida Department of Environmental Protection to identify the amount of pollutant allowed to be discharged.  Most point discharges have been eliminated totally and mo longer exist.

Non-point discharges include drainage of pollutants into waterbodies that can not be readily identified as to where the source of the pollutants originated.  This includes all stormwater runoff that is conveyed through the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) and into waterbodies.  As part of the City's NPDES Permit, there are actions performed to monitor and identify the amount of pollutants introduced into these outfalls.