St. Andre

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The St Andre Boulevard Road Reconstruction project will begin at San Filippo Drive and match the existing pavement just west of Sage Avenue, a total of approximately 1.4 miles.

The reconstructed roadway will have a finished course of 2" asphalt, with a 10" compacted base and a 10" stabilized sub-grade.  The new pavement will be 26 feet in width - two (2) 11 foot travel lanes with a 2 foot shoulder on each side.  All side street returns (35 foot radii), will also be paved and re-aligned to match the center of the right-of-way.  Once completed, final striping will consist of a double yellow center line and a solid white line, placed 2 feet off the edge of both sides of the pavement.

The project will also enhance the existing drainage along the roadway by reshaping and, where necessary, relocating the swales.  The swale system outfalls into two existing basin areas, Melbourne Tillman Water Control District (MTWCD) Canals 35 and 36.

The pipes at these two MTWCD canal crossings will be replaced, increasing the size/capacity and extending the length from right-of-way to right-of-way to accommodate future road widening.  In addition, 24 smaller swale/culvert pipes will be added or replaced within the project's 1.4 mile length.