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Palm Bay Public Works Permitting section is part of the Engineering/Permitting/Stormwater Utility Division.  This section has the following responsibilities:

  • Driveway Permit regulates the construction of access from City dedicated road Rights-of-Way to private property. Both residential and commercial properties are required to obtain a permit for installation of driveway(s) that shall meet the specifications provided by the Department. Temporary driveways are encouraged during development of the property to preserve the conveyance of stormwater and protection of the pavement.
  • Residential Lot Drainage Permit regulates the grading of newly constructed residential properties to assure that existing stormwater runoff does not adversely affect the adjacent properties. This permit is required for all newly constructed residential properties, as some subdivisions have approved lot grading plans that shall be adhered to.
  • Right-of-Way and Easement Use Permit regulates the construction and repair of improvements within city dedicated rights-of-way and public utilities. Examples include but not limited to utility installations and repairs, roadway improvements, stormwater discharge culverts, private directional signs, sidewalks, lighting, etc.
  • Stormwater Management Permit regulates the improvement of lands, commercial and subdivisions, to regulate the stormwater runoff from the developed land. Requirements are for the attenuation of excessive volume so as to not create flooding downstream and treatment of polluted runoff to minimize untreated stormwater from entering other waterbodies.
  • Vacate Easement Requests are required when proposed or existing structures are in easements of the property either on the sides or the rear. Vacate Easement requests are heard by City Council. 
  • Vacate Street Requests are required when relinquishing all or part of the property right of the public previously established by plat or dedication for street or road right-of-way purposes.