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The Procurement Department's primary responsibility is for the acquisition of goods and services that are essential to citywide operations. Procurement is responsible for the annual purchase expenditures of approximately $48 million dollars’ in goods, services, annual contracts, construction projects and professional service agreements.

The City's procurement authority is centralized through the Procurement Department, with the responsibility of smaller dollar pricing research delegated to the individual department level. All contracts and purchase orders are issued through the Procurement Department and approved by the Chief Procurement Officer.

The City of Palm Bay utilizes electronic on-line services for notification and distribution of its solicitation documents. The City’s solicitation information can be obtained:

FREE of charge from Public Purchase. This is one of the on-line vendor registration programs that the City utilizes. Solicitation documents can be downloaded from the Public Purchase website at no charge; however, prospective vendors must complete a one-time initial on-line registration process to obtain this FREE automatic notification. Please contact Public Purchase at; or call 801-932-7000 for additional questions about registration.

The City also utilizes the on-line services of Demandstar by Onvia ( to post its solicitation documents to that website. Demandstar generally charges a fee to its member for their services.  If you are interested in receiving FREE notification solely for the City of Palm Bay’s solicitation documents, please contact them directly at 1-800-575-1736 with your request.

Both companies are responsible for the electronic distribution of the City’s solicitation documents and for the maintenance of their automated vendor list. These lists categorize each vendor by commodity codes for the specific supplies or services offered by the vendor. Businesses who have subscribed to either or both vendor lists are notified by email whenever a formal sealed solicitation or written request for quotation has been issued for the supplies or services offered by the vendor.

View the City’s current list of opportunities:

Click here to view opportunities - Public Purchase

Click here to view opportunities - Demand Star

The procurement function of the City of Palm Bay is vitally important to those of us within the municipality and to all citizens who are concerned with the wise and honest expenditure of public funds. Procurement, by and for the City of Palm Bay, must be conducted fairly with opportunity given to all who desire to participate in the procurement process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Procurement Department for more information at (321) 952-3424.