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6 Time Award Winner!
Achievement of Excellence in Procurement

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The program was founded by the National Purchasing Institute (NPI) ( and is co-sponsored by thirteen (13) different public procurement associations in both the U.S. and Canada to include: Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc. (FAPPO) and NIGP- The Institute for Public Procurement. The Award is designed to recognize organizational excellence in public or non-profit procurement. The annual award is earned by those organizations that demonstrate excellence by obtaining a high score based on standardized criteria. The criteria are designed by measure innovation, professionalism, productivity, e-procurement and leadership attributes of the procurement organization.

3 Time Award Winner!
FAPPO Award of Excellence
in Public Procurement

Florida Association of Pubilc Procurement Officials Award

The Excellence in Public Procurement Award is established by the Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc. ( to recognize agencies that meet or exceed benchmarks in the public procurement profession. These benchmarks are evaluated and revised annually to ensure that agencies continue to improve within their organizations.





 5-Time Award Winner!

UPPCC Agency Certification

 Through its Agency Certification Award program, the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC) identifies organizations that have earned the distinguished and unique honor of achieving and/or maintaining a high percentage of staff that are UPPCC Certified. This program was developed to recognize those organizations that have made a concerted effort to achieve procurement excellence.

Each agency category has a specified percentage of qualifying procurement staff that must be UPPCC certified in order to achieve the award. The City of Palm Bay Procurement Department qualifies under the Small Agency Category (1-11 qualifying employees): with 100% of its staff UPPCC certified in order to achieve the award.

 2013-Sterling Agency Award Winner

The Sterling Agency Award is an advanced level of recognition reserved for those agencies that apply for and achieve UPPCC Agency Certification Award recognition for three consecutive years. The UPPCC issues the Sterling Agency Award to individual agencies based on historical records of previous applications and awards.