Training Center / The Range

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In 2015 the Palm Bay Police Department completed the first phase of over $1 million in improvements to the 40-acre training facility known as “The Range” creating an open-access training facility for police, fire and EMS personnel.


  • 40-Acres of Land
  • Live Fire Shoot House
  • 50 Yard Firearms Range
  • Rifle Range (100 Yard and 400 Yard)
  • Search and Rescue Dive Pond
  • Skills and Obstacle Training Course
  • 60 Foot Tactical Rappel Tower
  • Training Simulator

The Palm Bay Police Department plans to request additional funding this year to continue improvements and upgrades to the facility. Once fully developed, the site will provide law enforcement and fire-rescue agencies a centralized, modern, and comprehensive training facility for all disciplines of public safety and domestic preparedness in the Central Florida region -- a region that is home to over 8.5 million people.


Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP)

 Scenario Training

The primary objective of the Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP) is to produce a law enforcement officer who can work in a solo capacity in a safe, skillful and professional manner. FTEP is a Phase based program where the PPO receives training and evaluation in agency policies and procedures for carrying out the duties of a Police Officer these Probationary Police Officers (PPOs) are guided by Field Training Officers (FTOs) to help the PPO make the transition from the classroom environment of law enforcement, to the practical application of skills in “field” situations.


Training Opportunities for Public Safety Personnel Only