Anonymous Tips

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The Palm Bay Police Department's mission is to protect and serve the people of our community. One way we can continually improve our service to you is by hearing from you.

Your assistance in providing information can be very helpful in solving a crime. Although we hope that you feel comfortable contacting the Police Department with information you may have, we also understand that you may have some reservations in doing so and therefore we offer anonymous ways to report crime.

Reporting Anonymous Tips

The Police Department offers several ways to report concerns and information regarding criminal activity anonymously:

  • Leave a voicemail message on the City's Anonymous Crime Tip Hotline at (321) 952-3450. (Make sure you speak clearly and slowly and give as much information as possible, e.g. dates, times, addresses, vehicles, and people involved.)
  • Text "crimeline" plus your tip information to CRIMES (274637)
  • Call the CRIMELINE 24/7 Call Center using a toll free number: 1 (800) 423-TIPS (8477); no caller id and no recorded calls.
  • Visit give a tip anonymously.

Please do not use these resources to report a crime in progress or issues of an emergency nature. To report an emergency or a crime in progress, please call 9-1-1.

Although anonymous information is useful, please consider leaving your contact information. This will allow Detectives to properly follow up if additional questions need to be answered.

Report Suspicious Activity

By reporting suspicious activity, neighbors and residents play a key role in the prevention of crime (and swift apprehension of criminals, when crime does occur).

What is "Suspicious?"

Suspicious activity may include: 

  • Someone going door-to-door with no apparent reason 
  • Someone walking down the street trying car door handles or looking into windows of parked cars 
  • A stranger walking into a neighbor’s back yard 
  • People ringing door bells and walking away quickly 
  • Transactions taking place from a car window or trunk 
  • A stranger loitering in a residential area for an extended amount of time

What Phone Number Do I Call?

There are two numbers available for our residents to call for police services. Depending on the issue, the matrix below may help when deciding which number would be best. This is merely a guide and each incident varies. However, common sense should be exercised when summoning public safety resources.

911 = Emergency

  • In progress crime
  • Life threatening issues
  • Child in danger (i.e. locked in a car, appears lost, etc.)
  • Property at risk of being stolen, damaged or destroyed
  • Drunk drivers
  • Traffic collisions with injury
  • Suspicious activity
  • Missing persons

(321) 952-3456 = Non-Emergency

  • Any incident that does not require an emergency response

What To Do If You Observe Suspicious Activity...

While observing a behavior or incident that you feel is suspicious, call the Palm Bay Police Department. The following information is important to note:

  • Where is this happening? (address, cross streets, landmarks)
  • What are they doing? (lurking, loitering, trespassing, stealing, etc.)
  • How many subjects are there?
  • What do they look like? (sex, race, hair color, height, weight, clothing)
  • What are they driving? (make, model, color, license plate, and/or oddities)
  • Which way did they go?

Be proactive in your neighborhood!  Talk to your neighbors if you see:

  • Garage doors left open 
  • Newspapers/mail stacking up 
  • Cars left unlocked
  • Personal property left in vehicles 
  • Unsecured homes (windows open, doors unlocked)

Am I Bothering the Police?

No, you are never bothering the police department when you call to report an incident. PBPD encourages residents to call whenever there is a feeling of suspicious activity, an unusual occurrence, something out of the ordinary and/or when an obvious crime has occurred.

Thank you for helping to make
the City of Palm Bay an even safer community!