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Fraternal Order of Police
Florida State Lodge (Pollak-Grogan-Johnson Memorial Lodge 111)

Officer's Unit

Officer - LOU Article 27

Sergeant's Unit

Sergeant - LOU Article 27

Lieutenant's Unit

Lieutenant - LOU Article 27

President - Sean Pindar
Vice President - Nicholas Abroe
1st Vice President - Anthony Sacco
Treasurer - Rebecca Spears
Secretary - Ron Lugo
Sergeant-At-Arms - Tom Trotter
Police Officer's Rep - Kyle Schuck
Sergeant's Rep - Shane Mertens
Lieutenant's Rep - Tim Lancaster

Palm Bay Police and Firefighter's Pension Fund

Local R-5-186
PO Box 100419
Palm Bay, FL 32910


LOU - Article 34 - 12/21/17

President - Gary Deabay, Facilities Maintenance
Vice President - Jeff Klein, Utilities
Treasurer -Keir Canada, Parks and Recreation
Secretary - Mike Hammer Jr., Public Works
Sergeant-At-Arms - David McQuarrie, Utilities
Steward - Ron Bult, Parks and Recreation
Steward - Andras Simon, Public Works
Steward - Adrian Wilson, Utilities
Steward - Chris Helms, Utilities
Steward - Chris Klasek, Utilities

NAGE White
Local R-5-197


President - Robert Frey, Police Department
Vice President - Angelica Martinez, Code Enforcement
Treasurer - Nancy St. Pierre, Police Department
Secretary - Susan Ziegler

Palm Bay Professional Firefighters
Local 2446

Rank & File Unit

Wage Re-Opener 2016 R&F

Supervisor's Unit

Wage Re-Opener 2016 Supervisor's

President - Brain Gent
Rank and File Vice President - John Mellace
Supervisor's Unit Vice President - David Ginsburg
Secretary - Ron Ross
Treasurer -Steve Worthington

Contact Information: 321-723-3036
Palm Bay Police and Firefighter's Pension Fund