Stormwater Design

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Contact: Public Works Department- (321) 953-8996
Hector Franco,

The City’s Stormwater Management Ordinance was created in order to protect, maintain, and enhance both immediate and long term health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the city. The objectives of stormwater management are:

(A) To encourage productive and enjoyable harmony between man and nature;

(B) To provide protection of land, improvements, and natural resources through the use of responsible stormwater management and flood protection;

(C) To prevent individuals, business organizations, and governments from causing harm to the community by activities which adversely affect water resources;

(D) To encourage the construction of stormwater management drainage systems and functionally approximate the natural system;

(E) To encourage the protection of natural conveyance systems and the use of them in ways which do not impair their beneficial functioning;

(F) To encourage the use of stormwater management systems which minimize the consumption of electrical energy or petroleum fuels to move water, remove pollutants, or maintain the system;

(G) To reduce pollution intrusion in stormwater runoff that cause adverse impact to the quality of receiving waters;

(H) To maintain or restore groundwater levels;

(I) To protect, restore and maintain natural salinity levels in estuarine areas;

(J) To minimize erosion and sedimentation;

(K) To prevent damage to and encourage protection of wetlands;

(L) To protect, restore, and maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity of groundwater and stormwater;

(M) To prevent damage from flooding, while recognizing the natural fluctuations in water levels are beneficial;

(N) To protect, restore, and maintain the habitat of fish and wildlife;

(O) To provide for stormwater infiltration, settling of suspended solids and removal of pollutants from runoff prior to discharge into surface waters;

(P) To prevent damage to hydrological and biological functions of wetlands;

(Q) To minimize the impact of development on the water resources of the region; and

(R) To minimize the production of nuisance and disease-carrying mosquitos.

Stormwater management design standards for drainage plans can be found in the Code of Ordinances, Land Development Code, Chapter 174, Sections 174.065 through 174.073.