Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Flowing Fire Hydrants

    Every now and then you might see a hydrant flowing water, believing something is wrong. That could be true, but odds are the hydrants are being flushed of sediment so you have the great, fresh water we enjoy here in the City. If you like, you can contact Utilities Customer Service at 321-952-3420.
  • If I would like to set up a safety class or fire station tour, whom should I contact?

  • Disposal of unwanted/unused medicines

    The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) sponsors "take back" events at different times during the year. These events are publicized via TV, radio, Internet, etc. We will make every effort to post any information about upcoming "drug take back" events on the police and fire webpages as well as the events calendar. If you choose, you may go to the FDA's website, for more information regarding this event.
  • I need a copy of a fire response report. What should I do?

    Request copy of a  Fire Response Report

  • Blood pressure checks - may I have this done at the fire department?

    Absolutely. Any of our trained personnel will be happy to assist you.

    Please stop in between 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Keep in mind the station may not be manned due to being on a call.

  • What hours do firefighters work?

    Firefighters work 24-hour shifts. They work 24 hours on duty, and 48 hours off duty.
  • If I am driving my vehicle and see a fire truck or ambulance approaching me, what should I do?

    If you are  in a moving vehicle, move over to the right side of the road and come to a complete stop. If you are stopped at a red light, DO NOT RUN THE LIGHT. Attempt to pull over to the light so a clear lane of traffic can be opened up for the emergency vehicles.
  • If a patient is transported to the hospital in the ambulance, may a family member accompany the patient in the ambulance?

    Yes. You are usually seated in the front ambulance seat so the EMTs and paramedics have ample room to assist the patient.
  • How do I protect my home from brush fires?

    Take the following steps:
    • Leave a buffer zone of cleared land between your home and the wild land area of vegetation and wild growth. The recommended space is 30' of cleared land. Keeping  cleared land, with little or no vegetation, around your home gives the fire less fuel to feed on, which can lead it to the house.
    • Keep trees trimmed away from your home. This, too, can fuel fires, and transfer fire to the roof of the home.
    • Doors and windows should be closed and A/C left on.
    • Additional information is available at any Palm Bay Fire-Rescue station.


  • Trash - can I burn my own trash?

    The City has contractual trash pick up with a company. Trash set out by the curb is picked up on regularly scheduled days. NO BURNING OF TRASH is allowed under Palm Bay City Code.
  • Fire engine responds to my home instead of an ambulance

    Palm Bay Fire-Rescue Advanced Life Support engine(s) are dispatched simultaneously with a Brevard County Fire-Rescue transport unit. Firefighter/paramedics, assigned to an engine, can begin assessing the victim and expedite care prior to the arrival of the ambulance. Our goal is to have emergency personnel on scene within 6 minutes.
  • Why do 911 dispatchers ask so many questions instead of sending help immediately?

    When a call is received at the dispatch center, a dispatcher will gather information as another dispatcher sends the call to firefighters/paramedics.
  • Fire in my home - what do I do?

    Leave the house after calling 911! If possible, shut the power off. Account for all occupants of the structure and go to a safe place. DO NOT GO BACK INTO THE STRUCTURE!
  • If I see fire, smell smoke, or have an emergency, whom should I call?

    DIAL 911.The Emergency Dispatch Center will dispatch fire personnel to the scene.
  • Swimming Pools

    Fire-Rescue does not fill swimming pools.
  • Sharps/Needle Disposal

    You make take your authorized sharps container to any fire station in Brevard County. You will be escorted to the collection container, where you will place your container. Fire personnel will provide you with an empty container. DO NOT leave your sharps container unattended nor abandon your container.