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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • What is a Business Tax Receipt?

  • When do I need to apply for a Business Tax Receipt?

  • How do I obtain a Business Tax Receipt?

  • If I already have a Brevard County Business Tax Receipt, do I need a City of Palm Bay Business Tax Receipt?

  • What other documentation do I need to obtain a Business Tax Receipt?

  • Can I use a D/B/A?

  • What if I move my business?

  • What if I incorporate my business?

  • If I am actively engaged in business within the City of Palm Bay and did not apply for a Business Tax Receipt, can I be charged a penalty?

  • How long is a Business Tax Receipt valid?

  • What is the fee for a delinquent Business Tax Receipt?

  • What determines the classification of my business?

  • How are the classification fees determined?

  • What payment options are there for Business Tax Receipts?