Deposit Information (Residential)

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To establish utility service, per City Ordinance, you must satisfy the deposit requirement by either paying the deposit(s) or by requesting a credit screening (a $5 fee applies). Qualifying customers may be eligible for a deposit waiver or reduction.  A cash deposit may be required before service will be provided. The initial water and sewer deposit amounts are based upon meter size.  Please see chart below for details:


 Meter Size
 Water  Wastewater Solid Waste
 3/4 inch
 $100.00  $100.00 $30
 1 inch
 $100.00  $100.00
 1  1/2 inch
 $135.00  $165.00
 2 inch
 $225.00  $265.00
PLEASE NOTE: Credit screenings are only offered for individuals; no credit screenings will be conducted for business accounts. 

*In order to conduct the credit screening, customers will need to provide the last four numbers (only) of their Social Security Number. 

Any such deposit received by the City shall be held in a non-interest bearing account. The deposits shall be applied against the final bill prepared for termination of the account. If the deposit exceeds the final bill, and no other outstanding fees or charges exist, then the balance of the deposit shall be refunded. If a customer has a record of timely payment over a continuous thirty-six (36)-month period, then the City shall return that deposit. 

The City may require a new deposit, where previously waived or returned, or an additional deposit in order to secure payment of accounts that are consistently delinquent.