Billing and Payments

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Billing Schedule

You can click here to review the billing cycles .

  • Your utility billing schedule is based on the services that you currently have through the City. 
    Please see below:

  • Water/Sewer accounts are billed monthly.  These bills also include sanitation costs. These accounts are billed based on "cycles". On the top of your bill there is a notation of each customer's cycle and route (i.e., Cycle-Route  01-28). 

Bill Cycle example

 Register for Paperless Billing, Go Green!

You may click here to register for paperless billing (Go Green)

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Paperless Billing

You can do a lot for the environment just by choosing to receive your utility bill electronically. Reduce the clutter of paper by signing up for e-billing. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, and once your request is processed you will no longer receive a paper bill. If at any time you wish to begin receiving a paper bill again, just contact us at


Go Paperless for Billing and Payments!

Automatic Bank Draft
By enrolling in our automatic bank draft program you save time and money.  You can set it and forget it. No more worries about missing a payment or late fees.  Your payment will be on time, every time. This environmentally-friendly payment option is also economical - as an incentive for utilizing this feature, an annual credit of $18 will be applied to your account after 12 months of uninterrupted bank drafting. 


High Water Consumption, Leaks, & Credits

Click on the High Water Consumption, Leaks, & Credits link to visit the page.

Many times there are reasons your water bill may be higher than usual.  For instance:

  • Recent House Guests
  • Filling your Swimming Pool
  • Increased Outdoor Irrigation
  • You May Have a Leak

Payment options

Do You Know All The Ways You Can Pay Your Utilities Bill? Click on the Payment Options link to learn the many convenient ways to pay your bill.


Understanding Your Bill

The bill displayed below demonstrates the different sections of your account information. The photo shows where to find urgent messages, your account number, your cycle and route number, current charges, and the total amount due. If you need further assistance please contact us at or by calling 321-952-3420.

Photo of an example Utility Bill