About Palm Bay Utilities

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About Palm Bay Utilities

The City of Palm Bay Utilities Department operates as an Enterprise Fund directly under the City government with management and administration provided through City staff. The Utilities Department is an ISO 14001:2015 certified utility that provides water, wastewater, and reclaimed water services to residents of Palm Bay and the Town of Malabar.

The city operates two utilities campuses with a total of four water treatment plants (including one Aquifer Storage and Recovery well) capable of providing up to 15.5 million gallons per day (MGD) of potable water.  Palm Bay receives its water supply from groundwater drawn from 41 wells located throughout the city. These wells pull from the Floridan aquifers. The raw water is treated through reverse osmosis and lime-softening processes, then disinfected and distributed across 595 miles of water lines to customers.

PBUD also operates a wastewater and a water reclamation plant; the combined treatment capacity for these two facilities is 5.2 MGD.  The utility provides sanitary sewer service to approximately 40,000 residents (over 15,000 accounts) through 105 lift stations, 202 miles of sanitary sewer gravity mains, 2,500 manholes, and 58 miles of force main. Additionally, there are nine miles of reclaimed water distribution lines, providing service to several businesses, residents, and a local park for irrigation and beneficial reuse purposes. The Department has also completed the design for a new water reclamation plant to meet future beneficial reuse demands throughout the southern portion of the City. 

PBUD’s workforce is comprised of  highly skilled and trained employees. The Utilities Director provides leadership for the organization which is divided into four distinct divisions which include:  (1) Distribution, Collections & Maintenance, (2) Business Operations, (3) Engineering and Plant Operations, and (4) Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Our Mission

Palm Bay Utilities provides superior drinking water and advanced treatment and disposal of wastewater through an effective utility system while reflecting responsible environmental stewardship and striving for 100% customer satisfaction.

The Palm Bay Utilities Department will strive to:

  • plan and develop infrastructure for growth
  • upgrade existing infrastructure
  • preserve water resources through conservation and reuse
  • provide a financially sound utility system
  • become a world class utility organization
  • provide the best and safest workforce
  • upgrade technology

Advisory Board

The Utilities Advisory Board (UAB) is appointed by the City Council and is composed of five members with varying term limits. The purpose of the UAB is to advise and assist the City Council, City Manager, and city staff on matters pertaining to the construction, extension, and expansion of the water and wastewater utility systems within the current and future corporate boundaries of the City of Palm Bay. UAB members must be residents and qualified voters of the City. Three of the board members must be utilities customers. City officials cannot be appointed to this board. Click the  link for the City of Palm Bay’s Code of Ordinances.

The Palm Bay Utilities Advisory Board meets the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Meetings are usually held in the Conference Room of the Utilities Department’s Administration Building located at 250 Osmosis Drive SE.

Agenda and Meeting Minutes