Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where can I park a recreational vehicle?

    Recreational vehicles, such as motor homes, trailers, boats and trailers, jet skis, etc. must be parked to the rear of the front of the house and on corner lots must be parked to the rear of the house on the two sides that face the street.

  • Can I park a commercial vehicle at my house?

    No, a commercial vehicle cannot be parked in a residential area.

  • Who do I call if a canal needs cleaning?

    This depends on the canal ownership.  It would either be maintained by the City or the Melbourne-Tillman Water Control District.  Contact the Public Works Division for direction.

  • Who fills potholes and maintains stop signs?

    These complaints should be directed to the Public Works Division at (321) 952-3438.
  • Who maintains right-of-ways and drainage?

    These are maintained by the Public Works Division.  For further information, call (321) 953-8996 or (321) 952-3438.

  • Can I operate a business from my home?

    A residence can be used for business address only, with the issuance of a business tax receipt.

  • What is overgrowth?

    When weeds and grass have reached a height of twelve (12) inches it is considered overgrowth.

  • What is commercial equipment?

    Any truck, bus, trailer, portable equipment, machinery or similar vehicle or combination thereof, used or intended to be used for any commercial enterprise or business purpose, or which has over four (4) wheels, more than two (2) axles, and a height of over eight (8) feet.

  • What is a junk or inoperative vehicle?

    Any vehicle that is dismantled, partly dismantled, or cannot run under its own power.  Any vehicle that does not have a current vehicle registration can be considered a junk vehicle.

  • Can I pay a Code Enforcement or Nuisance Violation fine online?

    Yes, all Code Compliance fines can be paid online.
    Click here for a Code Board Violation or here for a Nuisance Violation.