Communications and Information Technology

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Communications and Information Technology Director

Lisa Morrell, Director

Lisa Morrell joined the city in August of 2000 as a network analyst.  She quickly rose through the ranks as a network administrator, then manager and was promoted to director in 2011.   During her tenure with the city she lead her team through the transition to the new web site, upgraded new communication tools including an updated telephone system, increased network capacity and functionality and coordinated the merger of communications with information technology.  Originally from Boston , she is a 2000 graduate of Boston College with a bachelor's degree in business administration.  That same year she and her family moved to Florida to join other family in the warm tropical climate of Palm Bay.

Our Mission

Communication is at the heart of open and transparent government.  Whether it’s informing the public about community events, public meetings, or matters involving critical incidents impacting public safety, the Communications and Information Technology team works 24-7 to provide public information and accessibility to government services through the use and convenience of technology.

Together this team manages and operates the electronic infrastructure for the city.  Whether it’s making sure the phones work for outgoing and incoming calls or making sure the lights, computers and sound work during public meetings, city staff training sessions or day to day operations that facilitate the effective and efficient delivery of all city services.  Among the most visible of our missions is our award-winning web site which is the main conduit for information about city services.  This web portal not only offers valuable information about every city department and how to obtain services, it also serves as a portal for interactive government through emergency notifications, online bill pay, citizen requests, police reports and user customized e-notifications.  

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