Financial Disclosure

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Limited Financial Disclosure

Appointed members of certain boards & committees are required to publicly disclose their financial interests by filing a Statement of Financial Interests

Conflicts of interest may occur when board/committee members are in a position to make decisions which affect their personal financial interests.  This is why members are required to publicly disclose their financial interests.  The disclosure process serves to remind members of their obligation to put the public interest above personal considerations.  It also helps citizens to monitor the considerations of those who spend their tax dollars and participate in public policy decisions or administration.

If appointed to a board/committee requiring the filing of the statement, a copy will be included with the letter of appointment generated by the Office of the City Clerk.

In addition, individuals may be required to file one or more of the special purpose forms listed in the instruction sheet included with Form 1, depending on their particular position, business activities, or interests.  It is the individual’s duty to obtain and file the forms pertaining to him/her.  Forms may be printed from the Commission on Ethics website or obtained from the Office of the City Clerk.  Each member files these forms with the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections. 

After the initial appointment, you will receive each year, not later than June 1st, Form 1 from the Secretary of State for filing by July 1st.