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The northern part of the Riverview District is mostly commercial in character with properties that are underutilized and subject to change. The area contains some vacant industrial land which is located at Conlan Boulevard and US 1. Some properties have poor visual appeal and a negative image. The total acreage of vacant and improved property is approximately 211 acres with the following proposed land uses: 62 acres of commercial, 52 acres of industrial, 40 acres of single-family residential, 43 acres of multi-family residential and 14 acres of park/open space.

The goals and objectives have been crafted to eliminate this negative image. Similar in physical nature to South Cove, the District has a unique opportunity to become a beautiful and multi-functional riverfront boulevard lined with pedestrian/bicycle facilities supported by higher intensity residential and mixed land uses. With City/BCRD intervention and some property assembly, the corridor contains marketable real estate.

Aerial View of Bay from Drone 

What's Happening

Lagoon House Volunteer Days

On a quarterly basis, volunteers join the Marine Resources Council (MRC), Anglers for Conservation, the BCRA, other community groups and individuals for a volunteer day at the Lagoon House at 3275 Dixie Highway, NE,.   Activities have included learning about the Lagoon ecosystem, cutting back overgrown vegetation, planting new vegetation including mangroves to protect the shoreline, mulching plant beds and maintenance of the Lagoon House, a welcome center for the Indian River Lagoon National Scenic Byway and the headquarters for the MRC. Together the volunteers have spruced up the Lagoon House, a cornerstone of the Palm Bay Community and a historical and environmental showcase for Brevard County.

Lagoon House

Water System Improvements Funded by BCRA

Potable water lines in the Farview Neighborhood were upgraded from 2 inch lines to 6 inch lines with BCRA funds. The work was completed in May 2012. The Farview Neighborhood is the second neighborhood to take part in the City's N.I.C.E. Program.  The N.I.C.E. or Neighborhood Investment Cooperative Effort Program is a program that concentrates the City's Federal, State and local resources on a neighborhood basis.

Water system improvements that included water line upgrades, water line interconnects, new fire hydrants and additional fire hydrants were installed in 2011 along Palm Bay Road and in the north Tillman Subdivision Neighborhood, the first N.I.C.E. Neighborhood, with BCRA and Palm Bay Utilities funds.