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Bayfront Community Redevelopment Agency (BCRA)

Core Services

  • Update and maintenance of the Bayfront community
  • Assure implementation of the "Master Plan" for the Bayfront community

City Attorney

Core Services

  • Serve as legal counsel for the City of Palm Bay, FL
  • Answer legal questions posed by Mayor and City Council, City Manager's Office, City Clerk's Office and all of the departments in the City
  • Draft and review contracts, real estate documents, and all legally operative City documents
  • Conduct legal research on pending issues of great public importance to the City
  • Prosecute and defend all litigation matters on behalf of the City, including management of outside counsel litigation expenditures

City Council/City Clerk

Core Services:

  • City Council enacts law
  • City Council establishes policies and procedures
  • City Clerk provides administrative support for the City Council
  • City Clerk coordinates local elections with the County Supervisor of Elections
  • City Clerk administers a city-wide records management program for the retention, disposal, and preservation of public records

City Manager

Core Services

  • Support and implement the policies set by City Council and set direction for City staff
  • Prepare City Council agenda and supporting information for regular meetings, special meetings and executive sessions
  • Support the City Council in media relations and local, state, and federal advocacy
  • Support the City Council and Departments in proactively and responsively addressing citizen requests and issues
  • Facilitate economic development activities that bring stability and recognition to Palm Bay
  • Monitor the City's short and long term financial stability
  • Assist Departments as needed

Communications and Information Technology

Core Services

  • Provide a service-oriented attitude of cooperation and teamwork to all of our customers
  • Maintain flexibility to meet the needs of the City of Palm Bay employees and its constituents
  • Develop and support the City networks, telephones, applications, web services, computing devices, and fiber optic utility
  • Create and maintain partnerships between the Communications and Information Technology Department and other organizations for the development of new and enhanced technologies and services
  • Deliver a highly communicative organization to deliver timely information with consistency and encouraging messages that unite and connect the community with government services

Economic Development

Core Services

  • Works to enhance Palm Bay’s economy, creating quality jobs, increasing per capita income and improving the quality of life for residents.
  • Promotes retention and expansion of targeted industry and commerce within the city.
  • Evaluates economic, statistical and demographic data to analyze best means to attract, retain or expand businesses and/or industries to the City of Palm Bay.
  • Manages the Ad Valorem Tax Abatement Program
  • City Liaison to the Enterprise Zone Development Agency EZ-0502
  • Ombudsman for existing and first time businesses in navigating the permitting, zoning and occupational license process in S.N.A.P. (Simple, Nimble, Accelerated, Permitting) certified Palm Bay.

Facilities Maintenance

Core Services

  • Provides complete maintenance, repair and management for all facilities owned and managed by the City


Core Services

  • Provide oversight and attention to the City's overall finances
  • Monitors the receipt, disbursement, and investment of City funds
  • Maintains an accurate and reliable accounting and reporting system
  • Invoices and collects revenue, and disburses payments to customers and citizens

Fire Rescue

Core Services

  • Provide proactive and reactive fire-rescue service to the community
  • Promote a safe community through public education and fire prevention
  • Maintain a high standard of training and education for our employees
  • Encourage our employees to serve as role models and participate in the community

Growth Management

Core Services

  • Update and maintenance of the Palm Bay Comprehensive Plan
  • Implementation and enforcement of the Palm Bay Code of Ordinances
  • Building and development permitting, inspections, and plan reviews
  • Administer and improve the floodplain management system
  • Provide population, land use, and planning studies
  • Coordinate annexation requests
  • Administer Federal and State Grant Programs

Human Resources

Core Services

  • Manage daily personnel interactions, new hire and separation process
  • Conduct labor relations, to include negotiations, grievances and discipline
  • Administer, assist and educate employees in navigating complex benefits program
  • Administer a risk management program, which includes worker's compensation, safety, property and auto liability, and insurance coverage
  • Provide programs for employees such as training, recognition, personal enhancement and professional growth, ect.

Parks and Recreation

 Core Services

  • Deliver exceptional customer service internally and externally
  • Improve existing facility operations and maintenance to meet changing city needs while promoting good stewardship
  • Provide a diverse offering of high quality leisure services and opportunities for all residents that promote a sense of community
  • Ensure Palm Bay Parks and Trails improve the quality of life while leaving a legacy for future generations
  • Provide passive recreation and environmental educational opportunities and experiences for residents and visitors
  • Provide signature special events and amenities that promote tourism and establishes Palm Bay as a destination City


Core Services

  • Provide patrol duties throughout the City
  • Provide investigative services when a crime has been committed
  • Provide referral services to victims of violent crimes
  • Provide traffic control on the streets of the City
  • Arrest known offenders and deliver them to the County Jail


Core Services

  • Provide for the fair and equitable treatment of all persons interested in the City's procurement practices
  • Maximize the purchasing value of public funds through various methods of procurement
  • Assure adherence to all laws, regulations, processes and procedures related to City procurement
  • Obtain goods and services in a timely manner to meet departmental needs

Public Works

Core Services

  • Manage City streets and Rights-of-Ways
  • Manage City vehicles and equipment
  • Plan, design, implement, and manage the City's capital improvements and major projects
  • Manage stormwater and drainage system
  • Manage solid waste services
  • Provide Emergency Response
  • Traffic System Services


Core Services

  • Water Treatment and Distribution
  • Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Disposal
  • Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Customer Service