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St. Johns Heritage Parkway at I-95 Interchange

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I-95 New Interchange at St. Johns Heritage Parkway SE

Southern Interchange Diverging Diamond
Aerial view of the diverging diamond at St. Johns Heritage Parkway


The St. Johns Heritage Parkway SE improvement program is a joint effort of the City of Palm Bay, Brevard County, and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to improve roadway capacity, operations and safety. The FDOT’s new diverging diamond interchange on Interstate 95 is located just north of Micco Road. The St. Johns Heritage Parkway (SJHP) will connect the new interchange to Babcock Street near Davis Lane, providing southeast Palm Bay with improved accessibility and enhanced economic development opportunities.

In March 2018, a Notice to Proceed (NTP) was given to Community Asphalt for the southeast stretch of the SJHP. Work on the SJHP began in May 2018 following a delay to allow for gopher tortoise removal at the construction site. The new 1.67-mile section of the SJHP includes two (2) vehicle travel lanes and a 7’ buffered bike lane in each direction, a 6’ sidewalk, and a 12’ multi-use path. 

SJHP Intersection SJHP Paving

St. Johns Heritage ParkwaySt. Johns Heritage Parkway


SJHP/Interchange Project Timeline

What is a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI)?


Note: Video is an FDOT DDI project in another area of FL but will work the same way here in Palm Bay.


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