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Careers at Palm Bay Police Department

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Benefits We Offer

Experienced Certified Law Enforcement Officers

Here are just some of the benefits we offer for our certified experienced law enforcement officers:

  • Pension buy-back for previous law enforcement or military experience (maximum 4 years)
  • Take home car program (35 mile radius)
  • Retirement plan offers 85% at 25 years of service
    • 3% COLA annually, after the third year
    • 5-year DROP benefit available
    • 100% vested at 10 years
  • Eligible for all Investigations and Specialty Units upon completion of one-year probation
  • Sign on bonus for experienced officers
  • Up to $2,500 relocation incentive
  • Family friendly schedule (work 14 days a month with 4 consecutive days off)

Approved for Veteran's Training

The Palm Bay Police Department was formally notified the week of February 12, 2007 by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs that we have been officially “Approved for Veteran’s Training.” This means that probationary police officers, who are qualifying veterans and were Florida LEO certified after February 13, 2006 may be eligible for additional monthly benefits.

The “Montgomery GI Bill,” which supports this on-the-job training benefit, has been heralded as one of the most significant pieces of legislation produced by the federal government.

Additional information on Veterans’ Benefits is located on the web at Questions may also be directed to a toll free number: (888) 442-4551.



Officer Requirements and Recruitment

Current standards require candidates to complete nearly 800 hours of police academy training before joining the Department. Once hired, these officers must complete three weeks of orientation and another 14 weeks in a field training program before being allowed to perform the duties of a sworn law enforcement officer on their own.

The Palm Bay Police Department only accepts applications during official posting periods. Visit our employment web site to view current openings.

The City of Palm Bay is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Contact Information:
(321) 952-3465

Police Academy Information

Eastern Florida State CollegeThe Law Enforcement Academy is located at Eastern Florida State College (EFSC).

The Brevard Police Testing Center performs all testing and screening for the Law Enforcement Academy at Eastern Florida State College. Applicants to the Academy must first take the Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJ BAT), a requirement of the State of Florida to enter any law enforcement academy. Upon successful completion of the CJ BAT, the applicant will complete a biographical information package and interview with BPTC staff. The applicant is then fingerprinted and the prints are sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for a criminal records check. The biographical information and interview will be used to conduct a background investigation that will determine if the applicant is qualified under Florida law and administrative code to enter the Academy.

EFSC offers the Academy during daytime hours, Monday through Thursday, each Fall and Spring semester, for four months.

BPTC offers year-round testing, but classes are finalized eight weeks prior to start. The selection process requires about four months from CJBAT to approval. Applicants should plan accordingly to take the CJBAT and promptly submit all required paperwork for the background information.

Ride Along Program

The Department provides a Ride-Along Program for potential employees to allow them greater insight into the police profession and the workings of this Department.

At this time, we are restricting the program to those students who are currently enrolled in a Criminal Justice program and/or are attending the Police Academy.

Contact Information:

Phone: (321) 952-3465


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