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Uniform Services

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Patrol car with lights on in front of city hall
 The Uniform Services Division provides 24 hour response to calls for service, preventive patrol, tactical response to critical incidents, investigation of crimes, and certain specific offenses as assigned. It also provides aid to citizens, protection of the public and arrests of alleged violators when appropriate. This Division is the largest contributor to the reputation and good will of the Department.

The Division consists of the following: Communications Section, Patrol Squads and components which include Front Desk and Booking Operations, Police Canine Officers, Traffic Officers, Community Resource Unit, and Reserve Officer Program.

Specialty units consist of: SWAT, Underwater Recovery Team, Crisis Negotiations, Command Post Team, and Honor Guard.

Community Resource Unit

The Palm Bay Police Department has recognized the need for cooperation with the community it serves. Community policing is a collaborative effort between the police and the community that identifies problems of crime and disorder and involves the elements of the community in the search for solutions to these problems. It is founded on close, mutually beneficial ties between police and community members. Effective community policing has a positive impact on reducing neighborhood crime, helping reduce fear of crime and enhancing the quality of life in the community. It accomplishes these things by combining the efforts and resources of the police, local government and community members.

The Community Resource Unit addresses long term community concerns. Occasionally some calls cannot be suitably resolved by road patrol response, and when these calls repeatedly surface, the Community Resource Officer is brought in to try to find a long term solution. The Community Resource Officer has his/her own designated area and is empowered to be “the Chief” of that area. By building relationships with the residents of his/her neighborhood, residents begin to feel comfortable and trust the officer with different community-related topics. Officers speak to neighborhood groups, participate in business and civic events, consult with social agencies, and take part in education programs for school children.

CRU Officer Rogers visiting kids at school CRU Officer Porter at school serving food

For more information, please contact our Community Resource Unit at or call 321-952-3463. You can also check our city calendar and Facebook for upcoming events.

Traffic Unit

Traffic Enforcement Unit officers are divided equally among two districts. Traffic enforcement is a top priority and our officers continue to saturate the roadways with increased “zero-tolerance” enforcement. 

These officers proactively pursue traffic violators with targeted enforcement in problem areas in an effort to reduce the number of crashes and improve the overall safety of the roadways.

Contact Information:
Phone: (321) 952-3456

Uniform Patrol

The uniformed men and women of the Palm Bay Police Department are the most visible component of the Uniform Services Division. Patrol Officers are responsible for responding to calls for service, preventive patrol, tactical response to critical incidents, investigation of crimes, and certain specific offenses as assigned.

Contact Information:
Phone: (321) 952-3462 or 952-3463
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