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The Investigations Division is responsible for investigating felony, property related crimes, drug activity, youth related crimes, or other crime problems as assigned by the Division Commander.

Contact Information:
(321) 952-3463

Crime Scene

The Technical Services Unit is comprised of civilian investigators who handle crime scene documentation, evidence preservation and collection They not only collect the evidence from the scene, but perform many of the lab processes at the police station. This team of highly trained professionals is skilled in areas such as  Alternate Light Source usage, Chemical Processing of Evidence for prints, DNA processing, and many other technological processes.

There are also sworn officers who set up and operate highly sophisticated electronic surveillance and recording equipment for the purpose of capturing critical evidence for detectives and narcotics agents to make their cases. Each year tens of thousands of photos and videos are taken to document these crimes.

DNA technology is allowing the Palm Bay Police Department to build its own database for more immediate analysis and results in the future.

The Crime Scene Technicians are on call to respond to crime scenes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Major Case

The Major Case Unit investigates all major felony crimes involving violence to persons, such as homicide, home invasion, robbery, and shooting cases. The Unit is also responsible for arsons, frauds and forgery cases. Although most misdemeanor and lower level felony crimes are investigated completely at the patrol level, most felonies are reviewed by the sergeants in the Investigations Division to identify patterns and trends and connection to existing cases. All serious felony crimes are investigated on a priority basis based on the affect on the victim, information and evidence available, solvability factors, potential threat to the community, and the type of offense.

Special Victims

The Special Victims Unit investigates offenses relating to any sexual offense, any child or elder abuse or neglect cases, and any crime as determined by the Unit supervisor.

The Department's Sexual Offender and Predator Management Program are also assigned to this Unit.

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Vice and Narcotics

The Special Investigations Unit investigates narcotics activity and organized crime that directly impacts the quality of life for the citizens of Palm Bay. These agents generally work undercover to make cases against offenders.

Crimeline 1-800-423-TIPSIf you or someone you know has information about drug activity, call CRIMELINE at 1-800-423-TIPS or contact the Special Investigations Unit at (321) 952-3456.


Youth Services

Youth Services officers monitor and perform primary and secondary investigations on juvenile offenders for criminal offenses and curfew violations.  Select members of this Unit perform school resource officer duties.

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers are assigned to the middle school and the high schools in the area that serve the youth of Palm Bay.  This program is intended to cultivate a good relationship between school children and law enforcement and assist the school staff with maintaining an orderly operation on the school grounds.  The salary for a school resource officer is shared between the City of Palm Bay and the Brevard County School Board.