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Parks to Kids Day

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Parks to Kids Day

May 16, 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of Kids to Parks Day, an annual day of outdoor exploration at local, state, and national parks and public lands across the country.  Organized by National Park Trust, the mission of Kids to Parks Day is to foster future outdoor enthusiasts and help with developing the next generation of park stewards by engaging kids in memorable outdoor experiences. While discovering and exploring our parks, kids learn about park stewardship, outdoor recreation, STEM and the history of our country and its amazing national treasures – because kids need parks and parks need kids!

Always hosted the third Saturday of May, Kids to Parks Day encourages kids and families to get outside and create their own adventure at thousands of local park events and programs.

COVID-19 has impacted everyone and has limited our ability to interact with our beloved national, local and state parks. With this in mind, National Park Trust has decided to take the 10th anniversary of Kids to Parks Day digital and instead celebrate May 16, 2020, as Parks to Kids Day–bringing a much-needed infusion of the outdoors to kids and families as they isolate at home and practice social distancing.

We know that this is not ideal but we also know that we are all in this together. We encourage kids and families to continue their celebration and join us by bringing the parks home on May 16th.  Due to social distancing measures, this year we are bringing the parks to you! Below are several resources to help you celebrate the day.

Family Resources

Below are some at-home activities and distance learning opportunities, courtesy of the National Park Trust, to help bring the outdoors and parks to you.  Enjoy!

Backyard Scavenger Hunt
Learn About the Food Web
Leaf or Bark Rubbing
Examine Nature
Listen to Nature
Backyard Bingo
Animals of National Park Crossword
National Park Coloring Sheet
Buddy Bison Coloring Sheet
Buddy Bison Diorama
Design a Nature Collage
Buddy Bison Comic Strip

Virtual Park Tours

While we are still encouraged to follow CDC recommended social distancing orders, below are some parks that you can visit and enjoy the outdoors with your family while keeping a safe distance from others. Click here to see a list of all of our city parks and their amenities.

Ais Trail Park

2800 Hickory Ave NE

  • Ais Trail Park
    Main Trailhead

    Ais Trail Park is a 0.6 mile loop trail with wide shaded trails, a boardwalk, and fishing pier.

  • Trail

    Enjoy a nice walk on the shaded Ais trail. This park is pet friendly too, so you can bring your dog along on your adventure.

  • Boardwalk

    A boardwalk leads to an overlook of Turkey Creek.

  • Turkey Creek Overlook

    Go wildlife spotting on Turkey Creek. You can look for aligators, turtles, fish, birds, and even manatees.

  • Walking Trail
    Walking Trail to Pier

    A paved walking trail leads to the fishing pier and kayak launch.

  • Turtle

    Some wildlife spotted along the trail.

  • Fishing Pier

    Enjoy the fishing pier.

  • Kayaking

    You can also launch kayaks or canoes from Ais Trail Park.

Boundary Canal Trail

1938 Port Malabar Blvd NE

  • Entrance
    Entrance to Trail

    The main entrance to the paved portion of the Boundary Canal Trail includes a map of all of the different trails accessible from the paved trail.

  • Main Paved Trail
    Main Paved 1.5 Mile Trail

    The main paved trail is approximately 1.5 miles long and links to Palm Bay's Turkey Creek Sanctuary, Malabar's Cameron Wildlife Preserve, and Brevard County's Malabar Scrub Sanctuary.

  • Cameron Preserve Trailhead
    Cameron Preserve

    The Boundary Canal Trail provides access the Cameron Wildlife Preserve, a 100 acre natural conservation area with equestrian and off-road bicycle and walking trails.

  • Malabar Scrub Sanctuary Entrance
    Malabar Scrub Sanctuary

    There are also several access points to the Malabar Scrub Sanctuary along the trail.

  • Malabar Scrub Sign
    Malabar Scrub Sanctuary

    The Malabar Scrub Sanctuary consists of 577 acres where you can discover natural landscapes and wildlife along the trails. The sanctuary is a refuge for the Florida scrub-jay, gopher tortoise, and Eastern indigo snake.

  • Bikes
    Bike Rides

    There are lots of cycling paths along the Boundary Canal Trail and the adjacent Malabar Scrub Sanctuary.

  • Tree

    Enjoy beautiful scenery along the trails.

  • Sand Hill Trailhead
    Sand Hill Trailhead

    The Sand Hill Trailhead is at the southeast corner of the sanctuary.

Castaways Point Park

2990 Bay Blvd NE

  • Boardwalk
    Boardwalk Along the Shoreline

    Walk the boardwalk along the shoreline and enjoy the view of the Indian River Lagoon.

  • Squirrel

    Meet some new furry friends during your adventure.

  • Shore Access
    Indian River Lagoon

    Dip your toes in the lagoon and search for more wildlife.

  • Fishing Pier
    Several Different Piers

    Walk out onto the Indian River Lagoon and take in the spectacular views.

  • Pier
    Fishing Pier

    Drop a line and enjoy some fishing.

  • Shore Line

    Check out the beautiful Palm Bay shoreline.

  • Pelican
    Bird Watching

    Our feathered friends enjoy the park as well.

  • Tree

    Take a walk along the beach.

Dewar Park

2705 Margaret St NE

  • sign
    Welcome to Dewar Park

    Dewar Park is a hidden gem and a great place to take a walk and enjoy nature. The park is also pet friendly, so you can take your dog for a walk arounf the pond with you.

  • bench
    Enjoy the Quiet

    Have a seat and relax while taking in the views.

  • pond
    Beautiful Pond

    Walk the loop around the beautiful pond.

  • birds
    View Wildlife

    Some of our fine feathered firends enjoying a swim.

  • pavilion
    Small Pavilion

    Enjoy the view and the shade under the small pavilion.

  • water
    Water Views

    This 7.5 arce site has lots of cool water views.

  • trail
    Trail Around the Pond

    The trail around the pond includes this shaded area to the south.

  • gopher tortoise
    Gopher Tortoise

    Just one of the park's wild residents.

Fred Poppe Regional Park

1951 Malabar Rd NW

  • paved walkways
    Walk and Bike

    Paved sidewalks and roads are great for walking, running, or biking.

  • fishing

    Discover wildlife or go fishing in one of our lakes.

  • gopher tortoise

    This gopher tortoise makes his home at Fred Poppe Regional Park.

  • volleyball
    Sand Volleyball

    Enjoy a game of sand volleyball, with a small family group of course.

  • disc golf
    Disc Golf

    Fred Poppe Regional is home to an 18 hole Disc Golf Course.

  • dog park
    Dog Park

    Let your doggie play on some of our new play features inside the dog park.

  • basketball
    Basketball Court

    Small family groups are welcome to shoot hoops while staying in small groups.

  • sit by water

    Take a nice walk around the water, or sit down and take in the nature's beauty.

Liberty Park

895 Carlyle Ave SE

  • basketball courts
    Basketball Courts

    Small family groups are welcome to shoot hoops while staying in small groups.

  • paved walking trail
    Walk and Bike

    Paved sidewalks and roads are great for walking, running, or biking.

  • nature trail
    Nature Trail

    Take a walk off the path on a nature trail.

  • pet friendly
    Pet Friendly

    Liberty Park is pet friendly, so you can take your dog for a walk too.

Ted Moorhead Lagoon House

3275 Dixie Hwy (US-1)

  • boardwalk

    Take in the view of the Indian River Lagoon from the boardwalk.

  • lagoon
    Panoramic Views

    Enjoy panoramic of the lagoon and look for wildlife.

  • about lagoon
    Learn About the Lagoon

    Informational plaques will teach you about the lagoon and its inhabitants and history.

  • mangrove nursery
    Mangrove Nursery

    Learn about mangroves and why they are so important.

  • trailhead
    Ais Lookout Point Trail

    Take a stroll along the Indian River Lagoon on the Lookout Point trail.

  • trail

    The trail parallels the lagoon's shoreline.

  • bench

    There are several beaches along the trail to sit down and enjoy the views.

  • shoreline access
    Shoreline Access

    You can also leave the trail and explore the shoreline of the lagoon.

Turkey Creek Sanctuary

1518 Port Malabar Blvd NE

  • turkey creek
    Turkey Creek Sanctuary

    Turkey Creek Sanctuary is 130 acres of wonder, biodiversity and natural resources. It offers a boardwalk and 1.5 miles of jogging trails.

  • butterfly garden
    Butterfly Garden

    Sit and relax and enjoy our butterfly garden.

  • trail

    There are many different trail to explore within the sanctuary.

  • boardwalk

    There is alos a 1.85 mile boardwalk with great wildlife viewing and many great views of Turkey Creek.

  • canoe deck
    Canoe Deck

    The newly remodeled Canoe Deck offer great wildlife viewing and many informational signs to teach you about the native wildlife.

  • hiking trails
    Hiking Trails

    Lots os hiking trails to explore.

  • wildlife viewing
    Wildlife Viewing

    You'll enjoy seeing manatees, alligators and Florida cooters (turtles) in the creek, and you might see an otter or a gar fish. Birds abound in the pine canopy, including ospreys and owls.

  • tree house
    Tree House

    Have a seat in the Tree House, one of many scenic overlooks along the boardwalk.