Youth Advisory Board

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The Youth Advisory Board is to provide the City Council a youth perspective on issues that affect the City of Palm Bay, to educate young people about City government and to provide youth an opportunity to be active and make a difference in their community.

Membership Requirement:
All members shall have resided within the limits of the City of Palm Bay for a period of one (1) year prior to appointment and must remain a resident throughout his or her term.

  • Student members must be currently enrolled in a public or private school (including Florida's Virtual School) or  shall be registered with the Brevard County School District as an approved home-school student.
  • Student members shall have successfully completed the eighth (8th) grade and shall have neither graduated from high School nor reached his or her nineteenth (19th) birthday.
  • Student members shall be required to receive two (2) letters recommending the student for service on the Youth Advisory Board from two (2) adults, i.e., neighbor, principal, dean, guidance counselor, pastor, coach, teacher, employer, or any other adult the Board may deem acceptable.
  • Adult members shall be fingerprinted and successfully clear a background screening to ensure his or her suitability for working with young people and shall adhere to any policies and procedures promulgated by the City which govern the supervision and interaction with youth.
  • Adult members shall be thirty (30) years of age or older.

Maximum Number of  Members:
Consist of twelve (12) members - five (5) Student members; appointed by each Council seat;
                                                              - four (4) Student members at-large;
                                                              - three (3) Adult members over the age of 30 years of age

Length of Term:
1 year

Meeting Location:
To be determined

Meeting Day/Time:
To be determined

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