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Disaster Relief Donations

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City of Palm Bay Disaster Relief Committee - A Subcommittee of the Palm Bay Municipal Foundation

The City of Palm Bay's Disaster Relief Committee was established on October 3rd, 2017 following the disastrous effects of Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Harvey. The Disaster Relief Committee was born out of the simple idea that we, as individuals, can help to make a huge difference in the lives of those who have experienced a major disaster when we come together and combine our efforts.

Presided over by Mayor William Capote, the newly formed Disaster Relief Committee Executive Board is intended to serve as a conduit so that citizens and City employees can help those affected by local, national and international disasters and tragedies. The City will work with the Disaster Relief Committee Executive Board to collect money to be distributed to non-profit, charitable and relief organizations. All funds raised and disbursed through the Disaster Relief Committee will be reported to the Palm Bay Municipal Foundation and kept on record.

The Palm Bay Municipal Foundation is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3). All proceeds go towards identified natural disasters or disasters needing assistance.

Current DRC Balance (as of 10/15/19): $12,772.70

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Bahamas Relief Following Hurricane Dorian

Posted: September 17, 2019

The Palm Bay Disaster Relief Committee met Monday evening, September 16th, to discuss Hurricane Dorian relief efforts. The Board voted to make a $1,000 donation to the Red Cross’ Bahamas relief efforts, and a further $250 donation for both North and South Carolina recovery through the Red Cross.. Following the vote, the Board also agreed to allocate all funds donated in the next month to Bahamas relief. Residents are invited to donate through October 18th to assist our friends in the Bahamas as they work to recover and rebuild following the devastating impacts of Hurricane Dorian.

Please note: All funds donated through PayPal are subject to a fee, which will be deducted from the amount donated.

Current members of the Disaster Relief Committee:

  • Mayor William Capote, Chairman
  • Juan Bermudez, Vice-Chairman
  • Lori Parker, Committee Member
  • Dawn Bittar, Committee Member
  • Shaun McFadden, Committee Member

You may contact the Disaster Relief Committee by calling Palm Bay's Legislative office at  (321) 952-3414.

  • Mayor Capote and members of the Disaster Relief Committee present a check for 150 dollars to the SPCA of Brevard
    DRC Donates $150 to the SPCA of Brevard

    Mayor Capote and members of the Disaster Relief Committee presented a check for $150 to the SPCA of Brevard to assist with the care of animals they have taken on locally as a result of Hurricane Florence.

  • Mayor Capote presents a check for fourteen thousand dollars to the Disaster Relief Committee.
    2019 Mayor's Ball Raised $14,000 for the DRC

    At the March 28th Disaster Relief Committee meeting, Mayor William Capote presented the Disaster Relief Committee Board with a check for the $14,000 raised at the 2019 Mayor's Ball.