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Contractor Security ID Badge

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Effective:  November 15, 2007

Dear City of Palm Bay Contractor:

All vendors and contractors who enter into a business arrangement with the City will be required to obtain, at no charge, from the City’s Human Resources Department, a security identification badge prior to performance of their awarded contract. This law is established by the City Council through the City Ordinance Number 2007-48, as amended by City Ordinance Number 2007-96. For more information view Public Protection Act - Chapter 98 in the Code of Ordinances.

Your “Contract Employee” is defined as: “Any individual who is employed regularly, seasonally, on a per diem basis, whether or not compensated, to fulfill a duty or obligation of the contractor in or for the City of Palm Bay. Contract Employee shall not include employees of the contractor who do not perform duties within the city limits or who do not have regular contact with the public as a representative of the City.”

Prior to being issued a City security ID card, the contractor shall complete the City Security ID Card Application which acknowledges, under penalty of perjury, that the contract-employee works or provides service for the contractor, whether for compensation or not, and authorizes the issuance of a City security ID card to the Contract Employee. The security ID card will provide limited information identifying the Contract Employee (including, but not limited to, name, date of birth, address, and either a driver’s license number or the number of a state-issued identification card), and will provides an expiration date (which shall not be later than the term of the contract).

The City shall retain the right to verify the information contained on the application and shall require the Contract Employee to present his or her driver’s license or state-issued identification card prior to sitting for a photograph or being issued a City security card. The City shall retain the right to request fingerprints of the contract-employee and/or conduct a background investigation if it is deemed necessary.

There are a few exceptions to the Public Protection Act which include:

  • those who provide a service to the City, where the City is the consumer of such service and the contractor is repairing, maintaining or installing its equipment which has been leased or sold to the City (i.e., a repairman coming into a City office to repair a copy machine, Waste Management emptying dumpsters, etc.) and the Contract Employee has no significant contact with the public, regardless of the existence of a contract or other business arrangement;
  • those who provide a service to the City where the City is a recipient of routine deliveries (i.e. Fed-X driver);
  • the employees of any contractor whose business has more than five hundred (500) employees and which can document at least one other governmental client which is a county, a county school board, a sheriff’s office, a municipality with a population of more than 70,000 persons, the State of Florida or an agency thereof (i.e., Water Management District, County Housing Authority, etc.) or the Federal Government or an agency thereof
  • City Risk Manager approval of specific job assignments where the wearing of a security card poses an unusual risk or harm Contractors are responsible to determine how this law applies to their company.

To schedule an appointment for issuance of Security ID Cards, please contact the Human Resources Department at (321) 952-3421.

We appreciate your interest in the City of Palm Bay. Please feel free to contact the Procurement Department or the Human Resources Department with any questions.