Outdoor Dining Guidelines During COVID-19

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The City of Palm Bay has no formal outdoor dining regulations in the City’s Code of Ordinances. To support local restaurants, the City intends to review and expedite outdoor dining requests on a case-by-case basis. Restaurants will be asked to submit an informal outdoor seating plan for Land Development staff to review.

Informal Plan Review

Restaurants that wish to do outdoor dining should submit a detailed sketch, drawn to scale to Land Development staff for review. The submission must have sufficient detail so that the staff can determine the layout and location on the site. A layout on a survey is preferred. There will be no fees for these reviews and Land Development will strive to expedite the reviews and endeavor to complete them within 2 business days of submission.


  • Dining tables must be spaced at least 6 feet apart and be on a paved surface.
  • Tables must not block entrances, exits, fire lanes, hydrants, sprinkler connection points, drive aisles, back-up areas, pedestrian or handicapped access.
  • Parking spaces may be used for dining tables, but there must be a physical barrier or separation to protect customers from vehicle traffic, such as bollards or planter boxes.
  • The outdoor seating plan must meet Fire Department standards, including points of egress, access to fire extinguishers, and tent and awning ratings, if applicable.
  • If a tent or canopy is to be used it must be fire rated and the fire rating for the tent must be approved.

Restaurants that use outdoor seating must ensure that outdoor dining areas are maintained and free of trash and other debris. Restaurants with a liquor license must obtain approval from the state to serve alcohol in an outdoor area. A copy of the State approval shall be provided to Land Development staff prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Completion. Operating hours may not exceed the hours of indoor seating. The Fire Department will also need to review the layouts and inspect each site.

Indoor seating will be allowed at 25% capacity to maintain recommended social distancing guidelines.

Contact for Assistance:

Land Development Division
Phone: (321) 733-3042
Email: landdevelopmentweb@pbfl.org