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Flood Information

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The Floodplain administrator and Community Rating System (CRS) coordinator for FEMA flood Insurance is located in the Growth Management Department at the City Hall Annex building, 120 Malabar Rd. Currently Palm Bay has a CRS Rating of 7 which equates to a 15% reduction in FEMA Flood Insurance for the residents of Palm Bay. This office maintains copies of all floodplain permits with FEMA Elevation Certificates issued since 1993. Copies of all Letter of Map Amendments and Revisions (LOMA/ LOMR) from FEMA are also available.

For flood insurance questions, flood zone determinations, Base Flood Elevations, Elevation Certificates, Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) applications and floodplain permits please contact the Floodplain Administrator at (321) 733-3042.

Floodplain Permit Procedure and Ordinances
FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and City Determined BFE Map
NFIP Transformation and Risk Rating 2.0
General Local Flood Zone Information
USGS River Gage Stations – Real Time River Gage Data
Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) / Letter of Map Revisions Based on Fill (LOMR-F)
FEMA Mandatory Purchase of Flood Insurance
FEMA Flood Insurance Cancellation/Nullification and Refund Policy


Contact Us

Floodplain Administrator:  Jim Williams CFM

120 Malabar Road SE Palm Bay, FL 32907
Phone: (321) 733-3042