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What Not To Flush

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Flushable? Think again.

Just because a household item is labeled flushable or biodegradable does not mean it should go down the drain! Many household items, even those labeled flushable and biodegradable do not break down when flushed. These items can become trapped in sewer lines and create major blockages. They can even damage the pumps used in lift stations and hinder the treatment process at the wastewater treatment plants.

Don’t be a pain on your drain!

The ONLY two flush friendly items are your contributions and toilet paper, anything else should be disposed of in a waste bin!

THE DIRTY DOZEN - Do not flush the following items:

  1. Baby wipes and wipes labeled FLUSHABLE/BIODEGRADABLE
  2. Paper towels/tissues
  3. Disinfecting wipes and cleaning pads (Lysol, Clorox, Swiffer)
  4. Bandages/adhesive backs (dental whitening strips)
  5. Sanitary napkins & tampons/feminine care product wrappers
  6. Makeup applicators/Q-tips
  7. Diapers
  8. Absorbent pet pads
  9. Prescriptions and over the counter medications
  10. Condoms and disposable gloves
  11. Kitty litter
  12. Dental floss

** For questions regarding household cleaners and chemicals, we ask that all residents follow the manufacturers recommendations on the packaging before over utilizing and disposing of these chemicals.