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Palm Bay's rich heritage in high-tech research and development, and manufacturing which began over 30 years ago, continues to grow today.

Median Pay: $63,300
2013 Population Growth Rate:
Unemployment Rate:
Community Size:
100 Square Miles
Palm Bay City Limits Population: 114,000+
Greater Palm Bay Population (30 minute drive): 300,000+
Palm Bay Area Population (60 minute drive): 1 million+
Palm Bay Regional Population (90 or less minute drive): 3 million+
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The City of Palm Bay has a small town flavor, cultural diversity and a down-to-earth hard working mentality. The workforce is education, talent and tech rich. Palm Bay is family and citizen focused with parks, outdoor adventures and healthy living!

The City of Palm Bay is the largest city in Brevard County and 2nd largest city in Central Florida, while only being 30% built-out, which offers high potential for growth, innovation and opportunities for businesses, both domestic and international.

For more information visit Economic Development site.