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Alarm Registration / False Alarm Fees and Fines

  • Departments:Finance
  • Divisions:Apply / Register, Pay
  • Phone:(321) 953-8984

City Hall - 120 Malabar Road
Palm Bay, FL 32907

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Alarm User Permit / Registration

A non-refundable $20.00 permit/registration fee must be submitted with each form. Make check/money order payable to: City of Palm Bay.

Alarm Registration Instructions

Alarm User Permit / Registration Form

Fees for a False Alarm

We know that accidents happen, so you get two "free" false alarms every permit year, fees start at the 3rd false alarm.

Pay Fines and Fees Online

  • Three (3) False Alarms with Police Response: $50
  • Four (4) False Alarms with Police Response: $100
  • Five (5) False Alarms with Police Response: $150
  • Six (6) or More False Alarms with Police Response: $200 each

Alarm users are not charged when:

  • Lightning strike damages alarm system.
  • Phone service fails with some type of written verification from your local phone company.
  • Electric power fails for more than 4 hours and can be verified.
  • Your alarm company cancels the alarm with the City before police officers arrive at the alarm site.

To have one false alarm fine waived, just take the Online Alarm Awareness Class and a Short Quiz, which is only ten (10) True or False questions and click the SUBMIT button when you have completed the test.  If you prefer to use U.S. mail, please print the short quiz, along with your answers directly from the web site on a piece of paper (along with your name and address) and mail to False Alarm Reduction Unit, 120 Malabar Road, Suite 201, Palm Bay, FL 32907. THIS TEST CAN ONLY BE TAKEN ONCE EVERY TWO YEARS. 

Call your alarm company if you:

  • Have any concerns about how to use your system.
  • Require "retraining" in the proper operation of your alarm system.
  • Plan on leaving your residence vacant for an extended time due to a possible vacation.
  • It appears your system is not working properly.
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