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Canal Maintenance

Canals in Florida serve many purposes: drainage, flood control, irrigation, navigation, and recreation. Canals also present many challenges to aquatic plant managers who must keep waters flowing. Without regular and frequent management, aquatic plants would quickly clog these systems, rendering them useless for flood control, navigation, and recreation.

Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of over 120 miles of canals in Palm Bay. Canal maintenance consists of erosion control, repair or replacement of drainage pipes, and mowing/clearing of lot line ditches and drainage rights-of-way. Canals are on a mowing schedule of twice per year for the areas that can be reached with a mowing tractor. The bottoms of the canals are sprayed with herbicide as needed to keep the flow lines free of vegetation. As the need arises, the bottoms of the canals are dredged to help keep the flow of water at the right grade.

As a resident/property owner, we greatly appreciate your cooperation in not storing trailers, boats, etc., or erecting fences or sheds, or using the right-of-way as a planting area. This enables the Public Works crews to operate safely and effectively to maintain the drainage system.

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