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Below are the current news stories for the city.

Audit Findings

Post Date:10/24/2019 3:21 PM

On Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019, the State of Florida Auditor General Sherrill Norman submitted the preliminary and tentative audit findings resulting from the operational audit of the City of Palm Bay that was initiated on February 27, 2018. Staff fully cooperated with the auditors and have received the report detailing thirty-one findings, including recommendations for remediation.

As the next step in the audit process, the City of Palm Bay is required to submit a written statement of explanation concerning all findings identified in the operational audit and a corrective action plan within thirty days. City leaders have already initiated the development of the City’s response and the Auditor General’s Office will perform an eighteen-month follow up to verify the implementation of the corrective action plan.

The effort to identify and implement corrective actions for the audit findings will be a collaborative one, spanning across all departments and charter offices. The City of Palm Bay is committed to openly and transparently addressing the issues raised in the findings and welcomes the opportunity to improve operations within the organization.

To view the preliminary and tentative audit findings report, please visit
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