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Palm Bay Utilities Unidirectional Hydrant Flushing Program Begins in January 2018

Post Date:01/04/2018 4:15 PM

During the months of January through May the Palm Bay Utilities Department will be conducting Uni-Directional Hydrant Flushing (UDF) throughout North-East Palm Bay.  Residents will see Utilities personnel working at hydrants in areas north of Malabar Road, east of I-95, and extending east to the Palm Bay city limits.  This program will affect only those connected to the City’s water service. Homes receiving water from private wells will not be affected.

Hydrant flushing is a routine procedure that is conducted at various points within the City’s water system throughout the year to ensure that hydrants are functioning properly and that the water quality is at its best.  The UDF program is a more systematic approach to hydrant flushing that involves the closing of valves in the distribution system and opening of hydrants to create a single direction of water flow.  This type of high-speed flushing scours and cleans sediment deposits inside of water mains, controls corrosion and rust issues, improves overall water quality, and provides other benefits. 

As a result of UDF, residents may notice temporary discoloration of the water as well as a possible temporary reduction in water pressure.   For those who may experience discolored water following the flushing of lines in their area, it is recommended to run the cold water for a few minutes to allow new water to work its way through the pipes and remove the remaining sediment and discoloration.  In some cases, there may still be a slight discoloration for a few hours after flushing. 

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