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Remove Hurricane Shutters and Boards to Prevent Fire Hazard

Post Date:09/27/2017 11:08 AM
storm shutter

Storm shutters can keep you and your family safe during a hurricane, but did you know they can also trap you in the event of a house fire? Blocked windows not only limit your family's escape routes, but also limit safe entry and exit points for Palm Bay's firefighters.

Although leaving shutters up through the end of hurricane season may seem tempting, Palm Bay Fire Rescue recommends taking the shutters off your home once the storm passes. Keeping shutters up until the end of the hurricane season can create a fire hazard that has potentially deadly consequences. Firefighters follow a “vent, enter, search” protocol, which means they will enter room-by-room and search them to ensure everyone is out of the burning structure. Shuttered and boarded-up windows can hinder this process.

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