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Notice: Public Solicitation Openings

Submittals received in response to the City’s Invitation for Bids, Request for Quote, Request for Proposals, Request for Qualifications, or any other sealed Submittals in response to a formal, competitive solicitation conducted by the Procurement Department will be opened in a public meeting at a set date and time as specified in the Solicitation package or amended via Addendum (if any). In most cases, openings are conducted at 10:00 am THE DAY AFTER the due date of the bids. Example: Due date and time of Tuesday 5/7/2019; Opening date and time of Wednesday, 5/8/2019. Date and times are subject to change via written Addendum. Interested parties are advised to call Procurement to confirm the opening date and time at 321-952-3424. 

Only the Vendor’s name will be read aloud. In accordance with Florida State Statute section 119.07(1) and 24(a) Article I of the State constitution, sealed bids, proposals or replies received by an agency pursuant to a competitive solicitation are exempt from Public Record until such time as the agency provides a notice of an intended decision or until 30-days after opening the bids, proposals, or final replies, whichever is earlier.

Exceptions are made for construction projects; for those projects, the Vendor’s name and lump sum base bid will be read aloud. In accordance with Florida State Statute 255.0518: 

  1. When opening sealed bids or the portion of any sealed bids that include the prices submitted that are received pursuant to a competitive solicitation for construction or repairs on a public building or public work, open the sealed bids at a public meeting conducted in compliance with s. 286.011.
  2. Announce at that meeting the name of each bidder and the price submitted in the bid.
  3. Make available upon request the name of each bidder and the price submitted in the bid.

If an individual decides to appeal any decision made by the City with respect to any matter considered at this meeting, a record of the proceedings will be required, and the individual will need to ensure that a verbatim transcript of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is based (FS 286.0105).  Such person must provide a method for recording the proceedings verbatim. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing special accommodations for this meeting shall, at least 48 hours prior to the meeting, contact the Procurement Office at 321-952-3424 or Florida Relay Systems at 711.

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