Staff Directory


Fire Prevention FaxFire Rescue
Fire Station 6 FaxFire Rescue
Fire Station 5 FaxFire Rescue
Fire Station 4 FaxFire Rescue
Fire Station 3 FaxFire Rescue
Fire Station 2 FaxFire Rescue
Fire Station 1 FaxFire Rescue
Fire Headquarters FaxFire Rescue
Hensel, DoreenRecords Specialist(321) 409-6300 ext. 4660
Bowen, TerriAdministrative SecretaryFire Rescue(321) 409-6366
Stables, James R.Fire ChiefFire Rescue(321) 409-6366
Grice, KeithDeputy ChiefFire Rescue(321) 409-6366 ext. 4671
Harrell, GeneBattalion ChiefFire Rescue(321) 409-6368
Burrows, DebbieSecretary - Emergency Services BureauFire Rescue(321) 409-6373
Martin, GlennBattalion Chief(321) 409-6373 ext. 4684
Bergner, Connie SecretaryFire Rescue(321) 409-6375
Gianantonio, AnthonyBattalion ChiefFire Rescue(321) 409-6376
Holley, VickiSecretary - Training DivisionFire Rescue(321) 409-6376
Sigman, WynComputer Data Analyst/Records SupervisorFire Rescue(321) 409-6381
Clark, JenniferRisk AnalystOffice of the City Attorney(321) 409-7185