Staff Directory


School Crossing Guards, PDPolice(321) 952-3460
Slowley, JillianAccountant IFinance(321) 952-3400 ext. 3094
Sherman, SuzanneAssistant To The City ManagerOffice of the City Manager(321) 952-3494 ext. 3415
Sigman, WynComputer Data Analyst/Records SupervisorFire Rescue(321) 409-6381
Shoultz, ChadDeputy City ManagerOffice of the City Manager(321) 952-3411
Santiago Jr., HarryDeputy MayorLegislative(321) 952-3414
Saavedra, RosemarieExecutive SecretaryLegislative(321) 952-3414
Stables, James R.Fire ChiefFire Rescue(321) 409-6366
Sanabria, Stephanie Human Resources Analyst IHuman Resources(321) 726-2758
Scianna, LouisePaymasterFinance(321) 952-3400 ext. 3221