Water Distribution

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Water distribution is responsible for line maintenance and repairs throughout the Palm Bay Utilities Department service area. The distribution team ensures that water service lines from the treatment facility to the customers are operating effectively and efficiently in order to provide reliable, high quality service. They also supervise the management of city hydrants, valves, and water meters. Additionally, the water distribution team oversees new customer connections, making it possible for Palm Bay residents to access city water.

The city of Palm Bay Utilities Department is excited to offer more residents than ever before the opportunity to take advantage of city water. Through the Water Connection Incentive Program, it is easy to get connected! If you have not already connected to city water, please follow the link for more information including service areas, connection costs, and financing options. Get Connected!

Once connected, it is helpful to understand who is responsible for maintenance and repairs to your service line and water meter. The city of Palm Bay Utilities Department is responsible for the water meter and the line connecting the meter to the municipal service line, which is usually located in the right of way. The customer is responsible for maintenance and  repair of the service line from where it connects to the water meter through the yard and to the home, including leaks.

Residents are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the service line from their home to the water meter box. The City of Palm Bay is responsible for the service line from the water meter box to the municipal water line, which is usually located underneath the right of way.