Reclaimed Water

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Reuse is the application of reclaimed wastewater for beneficial purposes. Reclaimed water is wastewater that has been thoroughly treated to remove harmful organisms and substances such as bacteria, viruses and heavy metals.


Reclaimed Water Do's & Don'ts


  • Irrigate your lawn
  • Irrigate your flower garden
  • Irrigate trees & shrubs


  • Drink Reclaimed Water
  • Connect any pipes to your reclaimed water pipes.
  • Connect your reclaimed water pipes to any other pipes.
  • Use reclaimed water to fill swimming pools, hot tubs, or wading pools.
  • Use reclaimed water to irrigate edible crops (vegetables and fruits) that WILL NOT be peeled, skinned or cooked before eating.
  • Use reclaimed water in children's water toys (water guns, slip-n-slides, etc.)

Why use reclaimed water?

Water use to supply Florida’s growing population and economy has increased significantly during the past several decades. Increasing water use has made the development of naturally occurring high quality water difficult and costly to obtain. At the same time, it has become more difficult to dispose of increasing quantities of treated wastewater in an environmentally sound manner. Reusing reclaimed water, addresses both of these problems.

Where can we find reclaimed water?

Reclaimed water is commonly used to irrigate golf courses, residential landscapes, corporate grounds, agricultural fields, municipal properties, and sports fields. It can be used for industrial heating and cooling, for car washes and to replenish wetlands during times of drought. Using reclaimed water where it is appropriate leaves us with greater supplies of fresh, pure drinking water.

Using reclaimed water:

    • Saves fresh drinkable water for use in our homes and businesses.
    • Provides a safe, environmentally responsible alternative to wastewater disposal.
    • Reduces the need to construct new drinking water facilities.
    • Reduces the need to transport water from other places.
    • Offsets costs of wastewater treatment.
    • Is required by state regulatory agencies.

The City of Palm Bay provides reclaimed water to the Sandy Pines residential area, Harris Corporation, Intersil Corporation, Knecht Park, and Acorn Mini-Storage. Plans to expand the reclaimed water are currently being considered. For more information on reclaimed water please send us an email or call (321) 952-3410.