Reclaimed Water

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 reuse vs reclaim

Why use reclaimed water?

Water use to supply Florida’s growing population and economy has increased significantly during the past several decades. Increasing water use has made the development of naturally occurring high quality water difficult and costly to obtain. At the same time, it has become more difficult to dispose of increasing quantities of treated wastewater in an environmentally sound manner. Reusing reclaimed water, addresses both of these problems.

 Using reclaimed water: Reclaim do and dont

The City of Palm Bay provides reclaimed water to the Sandy Pines residential area, Harris Corporation, Intersil Corporation, Knecht Park, and Acorn Mini-Storage.

Below is the Reclaimed Irrigation watering schedule:

 Please note Zone 1 includes Harris Corporation, Intersil Corporation, Knecht Park, and Acorn Mini-Storage.

If a resident needs reuse for scheduling an irrigation contractor to provide service, the Utilities Department requests that it be scheduled either on a Tuesday or Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon.  During these times, valves will be opened and closed to accommodate irrigation contractors for the time needed for service.  Please schedule this by contacting 321-952-3499.


Palm Bay Utilities encourages all Reclaim Irrigation customers to sign up for Alert Palm Bay notification for up to date information regarding service. You chose to be contacted by email, voicemail, or text and you may register by clicking here.

Plans to expand the reclaimed water are currently being considered. For more information on reclaimed water please send us an email or call (321) 952-3410.