GreenWay Programs

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As part of the Palm Bay Utilities Department's EMS there are several objectives, targets, and programs set in place by utilities management to measure the success of our efforts to effective manage the utilities system and its impact on the environment.  These programs must be consistent with our environmental policy and consider all legal and regulatory requirements.  Below are examples of a few of our current programs:


Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS):
Effective maintenance of our treatment plants and infrastructure is a  major function of being a sustainable utility. PBUD has  implemented a computerized work order system to help  manage and schedule preventive and corrective maintenance for our system.  Through efficient preventive maintenance, the Utility is able to avoid costly repairs and reduce unplanned service interruptions.


Infiltration and Inflow Elimination Program:

By conducting smoke testing on sanitary sewer lines and televising for infiltration, PBUD is working to reduce the likelihood of a sanitary sewer overflow event and also decrease electrical consumption.


Plant Efficiency Program (Water & Wastewater):

By implementing the Six Sigma process, PBUD has been able to identify opportunities for cost savings at each facility.  Optimal operation of our water and wastewater treatment plants has significantly reduced the Department's energy costs.


System Flushing

By tracking water quality complaints and identifying areas throughout our water system that may benefit from hydrant flushing (a routine maintenance practice in the water industry used to move water through the lines to maintain integrity of the Water Distribution System) staff is able to ensure water quality in the distribution system and make sure hydrants and valves are working properly.

Departmental Recycling Program

A comprehensive recycling program has been implemented within the Utilities Department to minimize the organization's contribution to resource depletion. The Department has committed to reducing its resource consumption and generation of hazardous waste materials.