2014 Lead & Copper Testing:  Some utility customers have been asked to participate in our lead and copper sampling program.  Palm Bay Utilities is required to gather samples from customers throughout our water distribution system in an effort to monitor and minimize lead and copper levels in the drinking water.  Lead and copper are primarily introduced to drinking water through the corrosion of home plumbing materials which contain lead and copper.

Palm Bay Utilities Department is an ISO 14001:2004 certified water and wastewater utility.  Our department provides clean, reliable, drinking water to over 32,000 customer accounts as well as sanitary sewer service to over 15,000 accounts throughout the City.  We also provide reclaimed water service to a limited number of customers within our service area.

We are committed to the environment and protecting our natural resources.  Through our Environmental Management System known as GreenWay, our staff works to ensure that our operations are efficient and effective and that they do not negatively impact the environment.  We are dedicated to continual improvement in every area of our organization - from customer service to plant operations. 

Our staff of 135 highly skilled and trained professionals works hard each and every day to provide you with the best service and product possible. Our day revolves around you, because we know that you depend on us.