Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Solid Waste & Recycling

    • What if I am handicapped/disabled and cannot get my carts to the curb?

    • What do I do about items that do not fit inside the cart?

    • What happens if my CART becomes damaged or is stolen?

    • If I don't have utility service, what happens if I don't pay for sanitation?

    • What are my options in a "move out" situation where there will be a lot of items discarded?

    • How often will I be billed?

    • I am a tenant, will I receive a sanitation bill?

    • May I use containers from third party carts that are compatible with WM's equipment?

    • Why does the City of Palm Bay offer waste collection one time per week?

    • If I have utility service, what happens if I don't pay for sanitation?

    • Why am I being billed by the City each month for Sanitation Services when I pay for Solid Waste Disposal on my taxes every year?

    • How do I terminate or suspend my account?

    • Are Styrofoam trays that meats are purchased in and Styrofoam cups and plates recyclable?

    • I heard that Home Depot recycles fluorescent bulbs. Is this true?

    • Is there a limit to the number of carts that I can have?

    • Whom should I contact for an additional cart and what is the fee?

    • What time should I place my carts out, and where should I place them?

    • Whom do I contact to request the claw truck for large yard debris?

    • How should I prepare my yard waste and where should I place it for pick up?

    • I heard about The Bagster®. What exactly is it?

    • What if I have a large item such as furniture or appliances to discard of?

    • What other types of recycling is available?

    • Are plastic bags recyclable?

    • What can I recycle?

    • What if my collection day falls on a holiday?

    • Whom do I contact if my carts were not emptied?