Palm Bay Residents Local Road Survey

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The City of Palm Bay is interested in hearing from our residents about our local roads as we try to develop short and long term strategies for maintaining and/or improving local roads. Depending on the results of this survey, we may conduct additional surveys, so please check back frequently.

Tell us about you:
What is the road name you live on or a road in your neighborhood?
How would you rate the condition of this road?
Questions 4 through 8: Rate how you feel about YOUR ROAD
My road is fine as is
My road is in poor condition, but I'm OK with it
It is very important to me that the City improve my road - I don't mind paying extra
It is very important to me that the City improve my road - but not if I have to pay extra
If you had to choose among all city services, how important is improving and/or maintaining your road?
Questions 9 through 13: Rate how you would prefer the City approach local road maintenance or improvements
Local roads are fine - don't change anything
Move funds from other city services to pay for road maintenance
Increase taxes a little to pay for a little more road maintenance
Offer property owners who want better roads in their neighborhood a chance to vote on taxing themselves to pay for this
Ask all City voters to authorize additional funding for roads through a referendum
Other - How should the City approach local road maintenance or improvements
If you rated your road “poor”, would you be interested in having your road pulverized (turning it into a dirt road) and having it placed on a regular grading schedule at no additional cost?
Would you be interested in responding to future surveys about roads?
If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please email Elia Twigg, P.E., Public Works Director at
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