Vision / Mission



Contribute to an attractive city with a clean environment; quality roads and trails; well maintained, upgraded infrastructure; planned and built infrastructure for growth; and satisfied customers.


Provide safe streets and convenient travel, provide emergency response and recovery, help city departments to be successful, protect community interests and property, and develop community partnerships.

Strategic Plan

In an effort to define the strategic direction of the Public Works Department, the department's realities and challenges, its vision and mission, and core businesses and beliefs, the Public Works Department has developed a Stretegic Plan that provides us with goals and objectives over the next several years.These goals and objectives are all aimed at making Palm Bay a Perfect Place to Grow.

View Strategic Plan: 2008 - 2013 - 2023 [PDF]

Palm Bay Vision 2023

  • City Prepared for Growth
  • Diverse Business and Job Opportunities
  • Attractive and Beautiful City
  • Safest City in Brevard County
  • Recreational and Entertainment Amenities for All

Public Works Community Goals

  • Quality Roads
  • Effective Drainage System
  • Improved Traffic Flow
  • Increased Community Connectivity