St. Johns Heritage Parkway (Palm Bay Parkway)


HeritagePkwySt. Johns Heritage Parkway once complete will provide 22-miles around Palm Bay into Melbourne at U.S. 192 and ending at a new I-95 interchange at Ellis Road. The project will be split between Palm Bay, Brevard County, and FDOT.

Impact: The Parkway will alleviate traffic congestion and improve travel times for commuters, as well as create an evacuation route for those in the northwest quadrant of Palm Bay. The Parkway will expand to a southern I-95 interchange near Micco Road opening up southern Palm Bay to new development.



Palm Bay Portion of Project - project is 90% complete and the anticipated completion is Fall 2014

Malabar Road to Emerson Drive

  • Phase 1 includes 2.5 mile section that begins on Malabar Road and runs north to Emerson Drive extension
  • Current construction is two-lane roadway with future expansion plans to four-lanes and includes two connector roads by extending west approximately 1/2 mile at Pace Drive and Emerson Drive
  • The first lift of asphalt has been constructed.  Final grading, some sidewalk, and the final lift of asphalt remains.

Emerson Drive to C-54 Canal

  • This segment includes 0.7 mile section that begins on Emerson Drive and runs north to the City limit (C-54 canal).
  • All of the required stormwater system for this segment has been installed, as well as the full length of the sidewalk. The County will construct the roadway with their portion of the project.

Pace Drive Extension

  • Pace Drive includes 0.5 mile of 2-lane section that begins from the St. Johns Heritage Parkway and ends at Gillmar Avenue.
  • Pace Drive is 95% complete with the completion of curb and gutter and the first lift of the pavement.

Emerson Drive Extension

  • Emerson Drive includes 0.5 mile of 2-Lane section that begins from the St. Johns Heritage Parkway and ends at Amador Avenue. It also includes the drainage infrastructure for future 4-lane widening.
  • Emerson Drive is 50% complete up to the stabilized subgrade.

Brevard County Portion of Project

Emerson Drive Extension to U.S. 192

  • Design is complete, and construction is anticipated to begin by the end of 2014.

U.S. 192 to Ellis at new I-95 Interchange

  • This is in the design phase.

FDOT Portion of Project

I-95 Northern Interchange

  • The I-95 northern interchange will align with St. Johns Heritage Parkway on the west and Ellis Road on the East. Please visit
  • FDOT project website at

I-95 Southern Interchange

  • The South Parkway and Interchange project is currently in the Project Development and Environmental Study (PD&E) phase. The PD&E study includes data collection, alternatives development and analysis, environmental studies, study documentation, and selection of a preferred alternative.  Upon completion of the study, the interchange and access roads can be fully designed and constructed. The interchange project has been included in the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) 5-year work plan. The connecting access road will be constructed as part of the surrounding proposed development. The property owners, FDOT and City of Palm Bay have partnered to keep the project moving forward. More details will follow as the project progresses View Map [PDF]
  • Council Presentation by Kittelson & Associates and FDOT - Update on South Parkway
  • TPO Priorities as of 3/26/14 View Map [PDF]