Crime Prevention

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Combat Auto Theft

This program is designed to help reduce the number of auto thefts in the City.  Citizens complete a vehicle ownership affidavit stating they do not drive the vehicle(s) between the hours of 1AM to 5AM.  Citizens are given a CAT Sticker which is placed on the back of their rear windshield.  An Officer who spots a vehicle with this sticker between the hours indicated is authorized to conduct a traffic stop to identify who is driving the vehicle.  This program is run statewide and is free of charge.   

Interested persons can contact the Palm Bay Police Department VCOPS at (321) 953-8987 or the Palm Bay Police Department Neighborhood Policing Unit via email at  to register.

 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Business owners, our Neighborhood Policing Coordinators offer a free security assessment of your business property.  The assessment is completed using Nationally recognized CPTED principles.  The Coordinator will inspect your business and identify vulnerable areas and provide recommendations that will enhance the security of your business.

If interested in scheduling an assessment, contact the Neighborhood Policing Unit at (321) 952-3462/3463 or via email at

Business Watch

Business watch establishes a communication link among area businesses, establishes a dialogue with the Police Department, and allows the sharing of information about criminal activity occurring in the community.  Meetings are held regularly between businesses and the assigned Neighborhood Policing Coordinator.

Business Watch promotes teamwork between the Palm Bay Police Department and the business community in a joint effort to reduce crime in commercial areas.

As part of the Business Watch program, Neighborhood Policing Coordinators conduct presentations where the following topics are discussed:  Robbery Prevention, Burglary Prevention, Employee Theft, Criminal Mischief, Shoplifting, and Employee Safety.

If interested in this program, contact the Neighborhood Policing Unit at (321) 952-3462/3463 or via email at

Senior's First

This program is designed to provide the seniors of Palm Bay crime prevention safety tips.  Topics discussed include personal safety, protecting property, identity theft, frauds, Holiday Season tips, and ICE.

These tips are provided to citizens via the Greater Palm Bay Senior Center Monthly Newsletter. A safety presentation is available to groups interested in safety tips.  To schedule a Senior's First Presentation, contact via email