Victim's Rights

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As a victim of crime, you are entitled to certain rights within the criminal justice system.
  • Notification of the arrest, release or escape of the accused, if possible
  • Advance notice of all court proceedings, if time permits
  • Information on steps concerning freedom from intimidation
  • Notification of scheduling changes
  • Opportunity to have a victim advocate present during depositions
  • Assistance in obtaining the return of recovered property
  • A prompt and timely disposition of the case
  • Prompt notification of the results of court proceedings
  • To be informed, present and heard, when relevant, at all criminal proceedings
  • Assistance in obtaining Crime Victim Compensation, restitution, and other services to which you may be entitled
  • Upon request, notification to your employer and/or school when you must appear in court
  • Opportunity to submit an oral or written impact statement at the time of sentencing